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The key to inspired people management is understanding that every single human is going to live according to his or her own highest values.
Therefore, when a company is about to hire an employee, it is important to remember that they are dedicated to neither their boss nor the company. They may have an expectation that by working for the company, they are going to fulfill their own values.
If so, they are going to energetically want to work for the company. But it will be because they are dedicated to fulfilling their values, not the company’s values.

The perfet values match

So, it is wise to start the hiring process from that reality: to the degree that a person’s allocated job description fulfills their highest values, they are inspired to go and work for your company. 

To be clear, when I mention “values”, I’m not referring to the generic, overused concepts like integrity, honesty, respect, etc., which are often too vague to work with in coaching. Instead, in my methodology, individual values can be anything that matter in a person’s life, e.g. spending time with your family, travelling in wild countries, studying about cosmology, etc.

What you want is to ensure that the candidate will be a perfect values match with your business. Simply because you want someone who will be inpired from within and will need few, or litte external motivation to work for your company.
The key to elicit people’s attitude and values is asking the right questions in the recruiting process. However, most employers still put qualifications and experiences far above individual values when hiring people. 


I can assist your company in the three main following areas:

1. Clarifying the company’s core values
2. Reviewing the new-hire questionnaires and defining purposeful, values-based questions that will help you to choose the most value-aligned candidates.
3. Reviewing the interviewing process (structure, question order, etc.) to make sure that it is robust enough to elicit what someone’s attitude at work is going to be like.

Some benefits of my services :

-Corporate values redefined
-Decreased hiring costs
-More accurate profile definition
-Value-based new-hire questionnaires
-Value-aligned new hires
-Reviewed recruting process
-Enhanced people loyalty
-Enhanced team performance

” If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand ”

Howard Schultz

“Each and veryone of us has unique qualities that are just us and set us apart from others: our values, our principles and where we are standing in relationship to other people”


– Behnam Backshandeh –



The crucial importance of inspired employees was recognized by major investor Peter Lynch, who has said that if he is to invest in a company, he has four qualitative requirements:

1. People who work there are grateful for their jobs
2. They love what they do
3. They are inspired by the company’s vision
4. They are enthusiastically working

According to Lynch, the above criteria are critical factors for a company to evolve or grow. So how do you achieve this level of inspiration and enthusiasm ?

Motivation vs Inspiration

Many people might think that motivation and inspiration are more or less the same thing, but they are entirely different concepts.

Motivation refers to a process of stimulating someone to act in a definite way to achieve a goal. Motivation comes from an external source and is short-lived by nature.
Motivation is related to the words “I have to” or “I need to”. Examples of common motivation tools include: financial reward, fringe benefits, recognition, appreciation, etc.

On the other hand, inspiration is defined as an act of influencing people mentally and emotionally to do something creative. Inspiration comes from within and is enduring in nature.
Inspiration is related to the words “I want to” or “I feel like to”. In inspiration, a deep desire emerges inside us which pulls us towards something.

While motivation tools are present in most companies, inspiration is often lacking. That’s where my coaching can help.
They key is to linking people’s individual values with their job and the company’s highest values or mission. I help people see how executing their tasks will nourrish what’s most important to them.


On a practical level, I offer enthousiasm and productivity coaching either on a one-to-one basis or by means of group workshops.
Outcomes of this coaching are truly amazing: people feel immediate gratitude for their company and have a surge of inspiration, productivity and effectiveness.


Some benefits of my services :

-Increased productivity
-Improved sales performance
-Reduced motivational costs
-Higher inspiration and engagement at work
-Higher fulfillment at work
-Higher probability to inspire and lead other coworkers
-Decreased absenteism
-Increased people retention
-Better stress management
-Higher creativity and innovation
-Better fit within the team
-Better match with the company’s vision

” Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence,
intelligent planning and focused effort “

Paul J. Meyer

” Motivation is when you get hold of an idea and carry it through to its conclusion, and inspiration is when an idea gets hold of you and carries you where you are intended to go “

Dr. Wayne Dyer


In addition to the known, usual reasons for poor performance at work (poor time management, lack of delegation, not knowing your client, etc.), two things will hold people’s productivity back at work:
1. Value misalignement
2. Emotional charges  

Value misalignement results from a mismatch between an employee’s values and the values of his/her company. Every human being who works for a company is only committed to fulfilling their own highest values. As an executive, you want to communicate the company’s highest values or vision in terms of your employee’s highest values. The key is to help them see why their job is helping them achieve what is most important to them.  

Once the link is made, people feel grateful for the company they work for and they produce their greatest job performance of which they are capable. 


Managing emotions at work  

There is emotion in business, and we are all affected by it. And that can be a very good thing. Business is based on relationships, which build over time. Emotions help grow connections, inspire loyalty to a cause and unify leaders with their management and their teams.  

But emotions can also have a negative effect. Close relationships can tie you to a person who really does not want to or can’t execute the plan that needs executing. Emotions can lumber you with an executive who is not longer competent and thereby hold back the growth of the firm. Family or romantic involvements can be stumbling blocks if disciplined leadership is not in control. And the list goes on.  

Mastery in any area of life simply means finding the balance and not being ruled by (negative) emotions. As a coach, I’m trained to a method that will neutralize any heavy emotional burden that prevent a person from reaching his/her full potential. 


On a practical level, I offer my coaching under the form of individual coaching sessions. A first meeting with you will allow me to understand your needs and see how I can best serve you. Starting from your needs, I will tailor my coaching to reach the various objectives that you want to achieve in the time window that we defined together. 

Every leader in the company can benefit from this fully personalized coaching, from the executive level to the team managers.  

Some benefits of my coaching :

-Inspired leadership
-Increased personal productivity
-Increased job performance
-Higher quality of decision-making
-Increased employee satisfaction
-Handling difficult situations like restructuring and shocking events
-Enhanced resilience under stress
-Better interpersonal skills
-Better conflict management
-Increased self-awareness
-Work-life balance
-Inner balance & harmony

” The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their committment to excellence,
regardless of their choosen field of endeavor “

Vince Lombardi

” Executives and HR managers know coaching is the most potent tool for inducing positive and personal change, ensuring better-than-average odds of success and making stick for the long term “


– The Ivey Business Journal –