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After finishing my studies in business engineering, I spent 15 years in the private sector, working in finance and consulting. I had the opportunity to work in a variety of fields (energy, telecommunications and banking) in Belgium and abroad. I’ve experienced life as someone’s employee and as someone who is self-employed.  

In 2016, I began to attend coaching seminars, and that’s where I found, as Ikigai puts it, the intersection between the needs of the world, my abilities and my passions.

Nowadays, I enjoy helping my clients achieve their goals in every aspect of their lives.  
I enjoy Hans Zimmer, Jacques Brel, Justine Hénin, Soeur Emmanuelle, Scarlet Johansson, Pete Sampras, Charles De Gaulle and Gad Elmaleh. 
I love spending quality time with my wife and 3 children.  

If you’d like to know more about my journey, please watch my video introduction.

« Clarity is simply a judicious distribution of shadow and light  »

Goethe  –


« Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results » 

– Albert Einstein –



I spent 20 years of my life crushing my own identity, and as a result, I suffered.

At some point, I grew tired of being kicked around and never finding meaning in my work, no matter how interesting the job was. This pushed me to become an expert in helping others find their identity and what truly suits them.

I believe that time is precious. In my coaching, I strive to provide you the maximum value for the time and money you invest in my services.

I was trained – and continue to be trained – by the best experts in the field (see below). Notably, I use an extremely effective method for neutralizing heavy emotional burdens that prevent you from reaching your full potential. Furthermore, I am one of very few coaches in the Francophone world who understand and use this method.

I believe that I possess the proper mix of yin and yang to help my clients take action, all while maintaining the balance that they need for their well-being.

I have enough love for my clients to empathetically support and challenge them, helping them create the changes they desire in their life.

My core values are authenticityconfidentiality, listeninghumor and sharing.


I was trained – and continue to be trained – by the best coaches throughout the world.

Two of these coaches have had a profound impact on my life: David Laroche, a French coach and lecturer, and John Demartini, an American professor, author and lecturer.

I feel particularly fortunate to have met them, to be able to learn from them and to continue to improve under their guidance.

« Don’t look for opportunities in the far distances of space and time; rather, embrace them right where you are, for where you are already possesses both perfection and balance »

– Napoleon Hill  


First, we will work together to establish a concrete and measurable goal so that you know exactly where we’re heading.
Next, depending on your needs, there are several approaches we might take:

  • First and foremost, the art of coaching is questioning. Through targeted and methodical questions, I’ll help you expand your views and explore new ways of thinking.
  • We may spend time talking about your values. Our goal is to find profound and lasting inspiration.
  • We may need to deconstruct your limiting beliefs. These are thought patterns – conscious or otherwise – which do not help your life, sabotaging your goals.
  • It’s also possible that a past event, a person in your inner circle or your apprehensions about the future are preventing you from achieving your goals. 
  • We may also discuss other support requests in any aspect of your life.

We will conclude our session with a brief period of feedback and an update on your progress toward your goals.

Sessions typically take between 1 and 1.5 hours.



It’s difficult to give a precise answer to this question, but after only a few sessions, you’ll begin to see extremely positive results.

My processes are powerful, effective and relatively fast. However, they do require a minimum investment of time and energy, as well as a strong desire to take responsibility for your life.

« What you resist will persist, and what you embrace will be erased »

Carl Gustav Jung  –

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